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Aromatherapy vs Perfume Industry

What is the difference between essential oils produced for Aromatherapy & those produced for Perfume Industry?

Each drop of natural essential oil contains thousands of tiny molecules. Volatile molecules which are first obtained during distillation have the most pleasure scents. Otherwise, molecules obtained at the end of the process have a smell heavier & less attractive.

For fragrance industry, the distillation would be reduced to a short time for obtaining more pleasant and volatile molecules. However, the obtained essential oil is not integral and therefore it will not have the inherent therapeutic properties of essential oils.

For example, production of Ylang-ylang essential oil is divided on 3 stages and each one gives a single product with very different scent. However, only the product obtained after all of 3 stages contains all therapeutic characteristics of an Ylang-ylang essential oil. Those characteristics could be lowering blood pressure, reducing pain, antispasmodic characteristic. Our professional researchers call it a “TOTUM”.

Essential Oils of KA AROMATHERAPY will always pursue the technique of production which orient to a complet Aromatherapy with real therapeutic purposes. So you can get assured to use a natural essence with therapeutic properties for taking good care of yourself & your beloved ones. Our products can be found in some FAHASA & PHƯƠNG NAM libraries’ in VIET NAM.

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