Our Missions

KA Essential Oils SMLLC is a family own company dedicated to production & distribution of high quality essential oils  which are on medical food grade.

We are committed to :

          ♥ A production which is kind to our planet.

          ♥ A 100% NATURAL range of products.

We understand that when an essential oil is altered by artificial means, it losts forever all therapeutic properties. For this reason, we don’t provide essential oils which are diluted, altered or synthetically modified.

          ♥ A sustainable support to diseable community.

Our current packaging is made by diseable people. Besides, every year, we plan to visit and take care of homeless children & children suffered from incurable maladies in province with our essential oils & hydrosols.

We would like to share our way to an harmonious & healthy life : “Get in touch with NATURE!”