Free Advisory

We understand that it is very important to use natural essential oils with careful & good conscience of dosage, frequency & context of using.

For this reason,  we highly reconmmend you to read our safety precautions & guidelines before using essential oils and please feel free to contact us for any needed advice by email or facebook private message.

We would try to send you our feedback as soon as possible.

Gift Wrapping

No gift could be more valued than HEALTH. That’s why natural essential oils should be the most convenient gift for your family & close friends.

Furthermore, the natural scents could also remember your permanent presence next to your beloved ones.

Contact us directly whether you need a special packaging for your gift.

Our price is only 20.000 VND for basic packaging gift with vintage style.


Free ship would be applied for all orders of 5 products and above.

Shipping fee is 30,000 VND/order.

COD is only applied in Ho Chi Minh city.

For all orders out of Ho Chi Minh city, please also transfer 100% order first.

Please contact us for more informations about shipping fee for these orders. We would do our best for your convenience.